Cheddar cheese


While Cheddar cheese is originally from the United Kingdom, nowadays, it is produced and enjoyed all over the world. Its production includes a manufacturing process called ‘cheddaring’, which gives Cheddar cheese its unique product characteristics. A-Ware supplies both orange and white Cheddar.

Taste and Characteristics

Cheddar has a slightly sharp taste with a creamy texture. It is both solid and creamy, with excellent melting properties. It is an ideal cheese as a topping or ingredient and is popular in the food industry.

Cheddar is available in naturally ripened and foil-ripened versions. We supply it in various formats such as blocks, loaves, curds, in slices and grated. Our Cheddar blocks are very suitable for further processing, for example slice-on-slice applications, shredding, grating and melting. We also produce grated cheese mixes that combine Cheddar with other cheese types, such as Gouda. Our Cheddar is halal.