Original Gouda from Holland


Gouda cheese is famous in the Netherlands and abroad. Royal A-ware produces an extensive range of Gouda cheeses in our Dutch factory. Authentic Dutch Gouda cheese is made from the milk of Dutch cows, grazing in our mild climate with fertile grasslands. This results in a rich, sweet, nutritious milk. Gouda cheese is known for its typical mild-full flavor. It is a creamy cheese with 48% fat and ripened on wooden shelves. It is one of the most popular cheeses worldwide.

Taste and Characteristics

Gouda is available as a naturally ripened or as a foil ripened cheese. The cheese ages vary from young cheese (4 weeks), semi-matured (8–10 weeks), matured (16–18 weeks), extra matured (7–9 months), old cheese (10–12 months) up to very old cheese (12 months and more). We also produce a range of low fat Gouda cheeses.

Gouda is available in various formats such as wheels, blocks, grated, slices, wedges and pieces.