Royal Orange

High quality cheese, made in Holland with excellent taste


Royal Orange offers a broad range of premium Dutch cheeses. Cheese with the flavour of the Netherlands. Made with the best milk from the Dutch polder meadows which provide lush rich, green pastures for the cows. The cows produce full flavoured milk. The cheese is produced in the traditional Dutch manner. Our experienced cheese makers turn them into the tastiest cheeses.

Taste and Characteristics

The design of Royal Orange is an hommage to the Dutch heritage. You will find the colors and the crown in the logo, and typical symbols that represent the Netherlands like the beautiful traditional windmills. The world of Royal Orange represents the heart of the Netherlands.


The Royal Orange assortment provides a range of rich flavored Premium Gouda cheeses, Edam, smoked cheese, processed cheese, Mimolette and more. The cheese is available in various flavors and maturations. We can offer pack formats for both retail as foodservice.

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