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Royal A-ware Cheese B2B specializes in sourcing cheeses. Our unique knowledge and 130 years of experience in cheese ensures a demand driven portfolio of (tailored) cheese products.

Our hands-on and agile B2B team will help you to select the best cheese, delivered and packaged to your requirements, at the right time and with a competitive price. Thanks to our global market presence and multiple production facilities, we are on top of cheese market developments.

Our four main drivers of success are…





Royal A-ware: total chain partner

We are Royal A-ware, an independent Dutch cheese producer and supplier operating globally. We take pride in our vertically integrated approach, managing the entire chain. Starting from sourcing the finest milk to crafting our cheeses in our own production and ripening facilities. We handle cutting and processing in our packaging plants and ensure reliable, efficient transport. We maintain control and ensure excellence at every step. Because we control every step of the chain, our B2B team is flexible and can guarantee:

  • Continuity & supply security
  • Consistent quality
  • Traceability back to the source
  • Competitive pricing

Why team up with Royal A-ware Cheese Business to business?

Extensive Expertise
We bring extensive knowledge and expertise to our partnerships.

Global Trading Reach
Our international network extends throughout Europe, providing partners access to international markets and customers.

Reliable Cheese Sourcing
We source and produce a significant volume of cheese annually, ensuring a consistent and reliable supply.

Quality Assurance
We are committed to maintaining high quality standards throughout the entire chain.

Tailored Innovation
We work closely with partners to create innovative and customized cheese solutions that meet specific requirements.

Cost-effective Solutions
We offer cost-effective solutions that will benefit our partners’ bottom line.

Own cheese production facilities

We have our own modern, flexible and highly efficient cheese production facilities in the Netherlands, Belgium, Estonia, Ireland and Italy. Due to the various milk streams we have a large variety of client specific cheese recipes, from basic to special recipe. Over the years, we have created a range of cheese products to suit the complex and demanding manufacturing processes and the latest industrial requirements.


Cheese types

A-ware Cheese produces a wide range of high-quality cheese products specially for the B2B food industry. We offer an extensive product range of natural and foil ripened cheese.

A selection of our cheese:

  • Natural ripened cheese: made from different types of milk, no preservatives, use of microbial rennet like Emmentaler, Mozzarella and Cheddar cheese.
  • Original Dutch cheeses like Gouda, Edam, Maasdam ripened in a traditional way on wooden shelves.
  • Foil ripened cheese: Semi-hard & hard cheese, packed in foil for convenience and efficiency.

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