The next generation Gouda. Natural, sustainable, deliciously creamy.


For us at Friesblond, less is more: Our modern premium Gouda contains as few ingredients as possible. We make our cheese completely without colorants and preservatives. More natural isn’t possible! It is important to us to offer consumers a natural cheese, which is always produced with respect for our dairy cows, our farmers and the environment. Sustainability is our orientation.


We combine premium high quality with modern Zeitgeist.

• 100% natural: Free from colorants and additives.
• Deliciously creamy, delicious taste
• Made from vegetarian rennet
• Carries the 100% meadow milk seal
• Made from non-GMO milk
• Produced in the Dutch maritime province of Friesland
• Comprehensively sustainable for animals, people and the environment

Taste and Characteristics

Our Friesblond brand design represents the different elements of our core values. You will find illustrations of typical Dutch meadow birds, trees and flowers. Of course our Friesblond cow is not missing! The Friesblond design is playful, colorful and impactful. Friesblond was awarded for the packaging design.

The Friesblond assortment offers naturally ripened Gouda cheese in three maturations. The young Gouda is naturally ripened for at least 5 weeks and has a mild and fresh taste, it is especially creamy. The pikant Gouda is naturally ripened for at least 5 months and has a delicous full and savory flavor. The old Gouda is ripened for at least 10 months and has an exquisite rich and aromatic flavor of a premium matured cheese.

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