Our Brands

We produce premium cheeses in our own cheese factories for various (inter)national customers. We have our own cheese brands for retail, available in supermarkets and other stores all over the world. We also manufacture a wide range of cheese products and plant-based alternatives for food industry and foodservice markets.

Products with added value for each target group

We produce and supply an extensive assortment of cheese – grated, cubes, granules, powders, slices, flakes, slices, pieces, blocks or whole cheeses – in various packaging and a wide range of cutting  and weight options for your private label or A-brand. Our products are packed under ideal circumstances, ready to be distributed globally. Royal A-ware sells more than 250 million kg of cheese per year and operates worldwide.

In our ultramodern production & packaging locations, our cheeses are cut and packed according to the highest quality standards and consumer’s wishes. The packaging of cheese has an important function. They ensure the safety & quality and can be delivered worldwide. Millions of consumers around the world enjoy our cheese every day. We pack over 350 million consumer products a year.

Royal Orange

Royal Orange offers a broad range of premium Dutch cheeses. Cheese with the flavour of the Netherlands. The cheese is available on every ripened age to create the most delicious cheese.

Maestri Del Re

Maestri del Re is 100% handcrafted Italian cheese, top quality Parmigiano Reggiano and Grana Padano.

The cheeses are made from raw milk coming from the designated provinces.

The Parmigiano Reggiano cheeses are made by hand in our own cheesery in Baiso, in the provence of Reggio Emilia.


Westzaner cheeses are made since 1908 through dedicated traditional craftsmanship and the highest quality of milk.

The Westzaner assortment provides a range of full flavored Gouda style cheeses, smoked cheese, processed cheese, Edam, Mimolette and more. Westzaner cheese is enjoyed by many consumers all around the world.


Artikaas is our premium cheese brand for the USA and Canada. This is top quality cheese made with Dutch milk.


A-cheese, original cheese from Holland since 1962. Top-quality Dutch cheese, that is wholesome and natural.

A-cheese is available in naturally-ripened cheese and foil-ripened cheese.


Friesblond is a premium Dutch cheese, very flavorful and creamy with a smooth texture. The cheese range is 100% natural; free from colouring and preservatives.

Friesblond is made in our own cheesery in Friesland (northern province of The Netherlands)on a sustainable way with respect for the cows and the environment.